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Growth is going on

The result of work of the Kaliningrad sea commercial port for the first two months has exceeded the similar parameters of the last year at 18,6 % and has made 928,9 thousand tons. And tonight the port workers have passed a million bound. This year for the first time in the history of existence of the enterprise it was managed to handle million tons in record time.

Dynamics of cargo turnover of Kaliningrad sea commercial port in 2008 shows continuous growth. In spite of the fact that import of meat, fish and metal products has completely disappeared practically, the summary volume of cargoes has grown on 16,2 % in comparison with February, 2007. In view of the seasonal decrease of handling of grains, metal and metal products the port workers managed to reach substantial growth (for accounting 2 months) both import (15,2 %), and export (19,3 %) as a whole.

Dynamics of increase in total volume of cargoes for February is connected with impressive growth of handling of crushed stone (5,5 times), black oil (1,5 times), fertilizers in bulk (2,2 times). The Russian export of coal coke is growing, that is favorably reflected in the dynamics of cargo turnover of commercial port. In February 2008 the volume of coke handled in the port was 2,3 times more, than for the similar period of the last year.

For attraction of new goods traffics the conditions for development of the manufactures are created on the port territory, which allow using the privileges of the Kaliningrad Special economic zone. The manufactures on completion of cargoes organized on the port territory allow providing additionally a stable turnover of goods in volume of 30 thousand tons per month.

Container transportation remains the most fast-growing segment of the market of sea transport. The total volume of containers in the port within January-February period has made 21 850 TEU, that is 37, 8 % more than the similar period of the last year.